Factors Of A Hundred And Twenty?

Factors Of A Hundred And Twenty?

one hundred twenty is a composite variety. A hundred and twenty = 1 x a hundred and twenty, 2 x 60, 3 x 40, four x 30, 5 x 24, 6 x 20, eight x 15, or 10 x 12. Factors of one hundred twenty: 1, 2, 3, four, five, 6 , 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, 24, 30, forty, 60, 120. Prime factors: one hundred twenty = 2 x 2 x 2 x 3 x five, which can also be written as one hundred twenty = 2³ x 3 x 5.

When Finding Factors 1 – 120 in the 12 puzzles is a clue, use 10 and 12 as elements.

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Even-Difference Puzzle:

There are four component pairs in 30. One of these aspect pairs adds up to 13, and the alternative subtracts thirteen. Can you write those elements in their proper locations within the first puzzle below?

There are 8 element pairs in a hundred and twenty. One of these issue pairs provides up to 26, and the opposite subtracts 26. If you can identify the ones element pairs, you can remedy the second one puzzle!

The 2nd riddle is sincerely the primary riddle in disguise. Why might I say so?

More information about quantity a hundred and twenty:

120 = 5! Because 1 2 three four 5 = one hundred twenty

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a hundred and twenty is also the smallest fine more than one of 6 that’s neither the first nor the prime variety! (119 = 7 × 1 7, and 121 = 11 × eleven, so none is high.)

What Is The Scale Of 120 Inches?

120 is the fifteenth triangular variety because 15(16)/2 = one hundred twenty,

It is the eighth tetrahedral variety because (8)(nine)(10)/6 = 120 (ie.)

120 is the sum of the primary 8 triangular numbers), and

This is the eighth hexagonal number due to the fact (8)(2 8-1) = a hundred and twenty.

The hypotenuse of a hundred and twenty Pythagoras triples is:

72-96-one hundred twenty, which is 24 instances (3-4-5).

Factors of one hundred twenty: Method, Total Number of Factors – Mindspark.

What will we mean by means of elements of a hundred and twenty?

The factors of a range of x are the numbers which divide x exactly by way of zero because the remainder. This approach that if y divides x and the the rest is 0, we say that y is a component of x.

The factors of 120 i.E. The numbers which can be precisely divisible with the aid of 120 are 1, 2, three, four, 5, 6, eight, 10, 12, 15, 20, 24, 30, forty, 60, one hundred twenty. Hence the sum overall is one hundred twenty. Sixteen factors.

Factors One Hundred Twenty By Means Of Division Method

The simplest manner to calculate the factors of any wide variety is to first divide the range by way of its smallest issue. So the quantity a good way to precisely divide the variety and the quotient may also be the issue (additionally called the pair of factors). We will preserve repeating this technique until we’ve got were given all of the factors.

We recognise that 1 may be a aspect of each variety, so

fraca hundred and twenty1=120


a hundred and twenty

 = 120, so 1 and one hundred twenty might be elements of one hundred twenty. Now we are able to try this with numbers more than one.

Fraca hundred and twenty2=60


a hundred and twenty


fracone hundred twentythree=forty


a hundred and twenty


fraca hundred and twentyfour=30


a hundred and twenty


So the elements of a hundred and twenty are 1, 2, three, four, five, 6, eight, 10, 12, 15, 20, 24, 30, forty, 60, 120.

Factor 120 By Using Tree Method

The tree technique is likewise known as prime factorization. Prime factors of a variety of method the manner of writing numbers the usage of its top elements. For example, we might write one hundred twenty as 2 × 2 × 2 × 3 × five.

We name it a tree technique because the quantity we ought to discover the elements is the very best aspect (maximum department) of itself, the rest of the elements are less than the number and while we simplify it we get top numbers (which might be one of the smallest elements of the range) and it paperwork a shape like a tree because we’re dividing a hundred and twenty into its high elements.

One Hundred Twenty Can Be Written With Prime Factorization As-

     120 =2^3 instances 3 times 5120=2



right arrow one hundred twenty =2 instances 2 times 2 times three times 5⇒a hundred and twenty=2×2×2×3×5

Factors Of A Hundred And Twenty As Pairs

We can write the factors within the form of pairs. Combination means that after we multiply both the numbers well the end result could be one hundred twenty –

1 × one hundred twenty = one hundred twenty

2 × 60 = 120

three × forty = one hundred twenty