Valley of Flowers Trek- Best Monsoon trek

Valley of Flowers Trek- Best Monsoon trek


Valley of Flowers as the name recommends that it should be some heaven of blossoms with lively tones. It’s actual Valley of Flowers is the wonderful valley arranged at a height of 3,300 meters and it is brimming with heap of varieties be it purple, yellow, red, blue that structures like rug blooming with its own immaculate excellence. It covers an area of around 87 square kms.

The valley is outstandingly encircled with blossoms which have the assortment of wild bloom species. Also, the entrancing Pushpawati stream courses through the verdant valley.

One will find extraordinary 520 types of blossoming plants which sprouts from June, July till early September. It is likewise wealthy in its natural life including Himalayan wild bears, musk deer, earthy colored bears and Bharal. One will likewise track down assortments of birds and butterflies in this National Park.

Valley of flowers journey is in this manner one of the lovely trips in the Garhwal Himalayas and one of the most famous attractions among voyagers. The significant fascination stays the blue Primula which is the most enhancing blossom of the whole Himalayan blossoms and one will be dazzled by its uniqueness that one will see during the pinnacle time of mid-July to mid-August.

The journey further goes towards Hemkund Sahib at a level of 4,300 meters from Ghangaria. There one will see the journey there basically of Sikhs so one should visit to offer their requests and look for serenity. Another significant fascination is the quiet and completely clear lake which encompasses the huge mountains and one can see the impression of the encompassing pinnacles. The path then proceeds with the Alaknanda stream to Ghangaria going through evergreen woodlands. From Ghangaria the way isolates into two courses. One path heads towards the Valley of Flowers and the other towards Hemkund Sahib. Valley of Flowers National Park will go one through components of nature, murmuring streams, edges, woodland and lofty sights of mountains. It is a finished difference to some other traveling objections loaded up with nature’s heaven. There is likewise an icy mass which becomes noticeable in the wake of strolling 5-7 kms where the stream streams the entire way to the valley.

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-Beautiful sanctuaries at Haridwar, Rishikesh, Joshimath and Hemkund Sahib encompassed with perfectly clear lake, verdant valley and snow covered Himalayan pinnacles.

-Roomy perspectives and lively variety which makes a stunning variety to the perspectives.

-Mumbling cascades, snow clad pinnacles, rich green knolls and various types of wild blossoms.

-Getting to know the antiquated culture of neighborhood individuals.

Best opportunity to visit:

Best opportunity to visit the Valley of Flowers journey would be during June-July or August-September. During June-July one can look for astounding cascades and lovely glacial masses which will unwind and restore one’s spirit. During this time the blossoms begin sprouting as it encounters downpour.

While during August and September the new plants begin sprouting as the snow dissolves in the period of May. One sees a definitive blooming of blossoms by and large. After September one can’t visit the Valley of Flowers as the plants and blossoms begin evaporating and the new seeds arise for the following season.


Valley of Flowers situated at a level in Western Himalayas is wealthy in its glades and high blossoms. It is arranged in Uttarakhand state and one sees the mountain scopes of the Zanskar and extraordinary Himalayas. It emcompasses in the Nanda Devi Biospehere and one should visit to investigate the normal excellence of blossoms. Valley of Flowers additionally is home to intriguing and imperiled species including the Asiatic mountain bear, snow panther, and so forth.

Most normal seen blossoms and vegetation:

-Blue Himalayan poppy

-Himalayan maple


-Himalayan white birch


Uncontrolled weed

-Blue primula


-Himalayan chime bloom

Natural life and Birds one can see:

-Red goliath flying squirrel

-Himalayan mountain bear

-Himalayan musk deer

-Himalayan goral

-Himalayan blue sheep

-Earthy colored brew

-Himalayan monal

-Yellownape woodpeckers

Valley of Flowers is the exquisite trip to immerself yourself to. It is the best spot for photography as you catch the incredibly interesting and immaculate biodiversity. One likewise sees the powerful Nanda Devi top which is the second most elevated pinnacle of India. Also, thus the ideal spot to see isolation.


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